About art4ross


Who are we?

Founded by Tatiana Moroz, Art 4 Ross is an activism through art coalition that aims to raise awareness for Ross.  Ross himself is a great talent, as you can see from his pieces we will be adding to the site. However, his story has inspired dozens of artists around the world to contribute work either as a personal gift to Ross, or as part of  fundraising efforts related to his case.   While we do have the work of many professional artists being donated for auction, this is a project anyone can join.  We have the work of many creative types, from films to music, to paintings and drawings.  Our artists are any age, and of various skill levels, but we are united in our goal to help free Ross.


Why is Ross Ulbricht in jail?

 Ross Ulbricht was arrested on October 1, 2013 in San Francisco, based on the accusation that he created and operated the anonymous online marketplace Silk Road under the pseudonym Dread Pirate Roberts (DPR). 

The Silk Road website was an open market with few restrictions and permitted vendors to sell drugs and other illegal goods as well as legal ones, including art, books, raw milk and clothing.  It forbade items that the administration considered victimizing, including child pornography, stolen goods and assassinations.   Nothing but drug sales was allowed to be mentioned before the jury. 

Silk Road was hosted on the TOR anonymous network and the means of exchange was exclusively the digital currency bitcoin. In order to use it, one had to open and use a bitcoin account as well as know how to use TOR.

The government cited no victims for any of its charges at trial or for its uncharged, unconvicted, unproven allegations of murder-for-hire that were included in the criminal complaints, indictment and were presented to the jury at trial.

Although it was an extremely complex case, on February 4, 2015 a jury delivered a guilty verdict of seven counts in a mere three hours. On May 29, Ross was sentenced to five of those counts (#2, 4, 5, 6, 7).  

Accordingly, Ross was sentenced on the remaining Counts. He received the maximum for each Count, with each to run concurrently to the others:  Count Two (life), Count 4 (life), Count 5 (5 years), Count 6 (15 years) and Count 7 (20 years).   Because of the concurrent nature, this is equivalent to three life sentences.

None of the charges accused Ross of selling an illegal substance; laundering money; hacking into a computer; or selling fake IDs; or directly harming any person or property. Rather the charge is that he created and ran a website that permitted these actions. The charges are all non-violent and Ross has no prior offenses. 

Ross now resides at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan, New York. He is appealing the trial and sentencing.

More on Ross and why people love him can be found here:  https://freeross.org/who-is-ross-really/?v=47e5dceea252